M&C Panel

The Pacific Fisheries Monitoring and Compliance (M&C) Panel is an independent collaborative of fishing and conservation interests, working together to increase public confidence in all Pacific fisheries through improved principles and standards for fishery monitoring, catch reporting and compliance.

The M&C Panel, created in 2009 through the Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum, is composed of senior representatives from Governments, First Nations, commercial and recreational fisheries and the environmental non-government sectors. The Panel members have extensive experience in dealing with operational and policy issues related to the conservation and sustainability of salmon and other species. Panel members are committed to working towards a greater understanding of all related fisheries issues and communicating effectively with their constituencies. The M&C Panel operates within British Columbia and works co-operatively in support of other institutions, local groups and processes to share workload and avoid duplication of effort with respect to fisheries compliance and monitoring practices.

Without widespread confidence across all sectors and within the public that best practices of monitoring and compliance are being engaged, sustainable outcomes in the fishery will likely continue to be elusive. Credibility in monitoring and compliance activities will drive mutual accountability. The M&C Panel is uniquely qualified to advance this critical work.