Purpose, Objectives and Roles

Purpose Statement:

The M&C Panel is an independent collaborative of fishing and conservation interests, working together to increase public confidence in fisheries stewardship in all Pacific fisheries through improved principles and standards for fishery monitoring, catch reporting and compliance.

Panel Objectives:

The objectives of the M&C Panel are as follows:
  • Increase public confidence in salmon stewardship
  • Assess weaknesses in current monitoring programs & suggests solutions
  • Monitor progress on reducing weaknesses
  • Ensure fairness and equity in the application of monitoring programs
  • Build capacity and skills for participants to resolve issues and conflicts

Panel Roles:

The roles of the M&C Panel are as follows:
  • Research/Best Practices: Identify principles, standards, and best practices in fisheries monitoring, catch reporting and compliance
  • Assessment and Implementation:  Examine current monitoring practices and programs in all Pacific fisheries to identify areas of weakness, working with local groups to help develop pilot projects and initiatives to develop potential solutions and improvements
  • Engagement: Engage with DFO, Sectors and Public to obtain input and feedback, raise awareness and increase understanding of monitoring and compliance issues and practices
  • Advisory Role: Inform and provide recommendations to DFO, Sectors and Public regarding improvements to fisheries monitoring, catch reporting and compliance practices and programs
  • Oversight/Monitoring Role: Monitor progress and report on efforts to implement solutions to weaknesses in fisheries monitoring, catch reporting and compliance weaknesses