Charting Our Course

The M&C Panel has worked closely with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, but has also operated in a quasi- independent manner to map a better pathway for monitoring and compliance in the Pacific Region. The M&C Panel Charting Our Course Roadmap Strategy report was developed during 2009/10 to initially begin defining principles, objectives and standards that might lead to the development of a more robust and inclusive monitoring and compliance framework. This report also preceded and thus helped inform the development of the more prescriptive Strategic Framework for Fishery Monitoring and Catch Reporting in the Pacific Fisheries report then developed by DFO. 

While subsequent review by senior Departmental managers has identified some divergences and resulted in further refinements, this does not detract from the collaborative efforts to date, but simply helps define government’s responsibility to establish guiding policies and direction for staff in their work with First Nations and other harvesters and affected interests.  Formal release of this policy framework was anticipated in March 2012.