Why Is M&C Relevant?

The M&C Panel has been working in a cost effective collaborative effort to map a better pathway for fishery monitoring and compliance in the Pacific Region. 

  • The M&C Panel “Charting Our Course” Roadmap Strategy document, developed in 2009-10, defines principles, objectives and standards that advance the development of a more robust and inclusive monitoring and compliance framework. 
  • That report directly informed the development of the “DFO Strategic Framework Policy” document for fisheries monitoring and catch reporting in Pacific Region. The Panel also provided critical feedback in February 2012 to strengthen the final version of that policy framework. 
  • The Panel hosted several multi-partied ‘on-the-water’ gatherings that advanced much needed discussions around improving confidence in numbers and effectively began building trust between historically confrontational parties. Through programs that included practical hands-on initiatives such as catch monitoring and gear review, as well as seemingly more esoteric yet revealing ventures such as role playing and peacemaking training, regional misconceptions and stereotypes were shattered. Relationships improved.